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Auto Body/Collision Repair

After an auto accident, you will probably be left with an automobile that has incurred some damage and in need of auto body repair. Whether the wreckage is minor or major, our collision center technicians will prepare a repair plan including a list of the parts needing work and necessary operations. Our trusted auto body shop will fix your car and have it running and looking new again! Your auto will be returned with fresh detail from top to bottom.

Customized Paint Jobs

Your vehicle’s exterior is the first thing people notice. If the finish is chipped, scratched or damaged, our professional paint job can restore your auto’s original look and feel. Whether it is for heavy equipment, machinery, a trailer, whole body or custom piece, our expert mechanics can do the coloring job that you’ve been dreaming of.


If you own a classic or old model vehicle, restoring it to its original look or even enhancing it a bit can increase its value. Our auto body shop will be able to make your car road-worthy again with some simple repairs or even full-on restoration. We will make sure that your automobile will look as good as new.

Upholstery Cleaning and Repair

We can perform several upholstery services for you to ensure that your car interior is clean and will last longer. From the carpets up to the dashboard, we will make sure that no scratch or dirt is left behind!

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